Friday, June 29, 2007


We've now accrued so much junk we don't use in the house that it's overspilling out of the loft. We decided something had to go, and the first thing I could see that we don't use anymore was the small bath we always used for Juanita during her first months. But because we don't know anyone that's pregnant and needs a bath I just had to throw it away. It was getting a little old and ropey. I just felt sad that already a piece of Juanita's childhood was leaving us, and that memory I have of her getting in that bath for the first time in the tiniest of bathrooms in Primrose Hill... will stay as a memory none the less, regardless of whether I throw the bath away or not. So stop being nostalgic Ric.

I was concerned people might read this and think how economically unfriendly I am for throwing the bath away instead of giving it to a charity shop at least. But then I remembered that nobody really reads this blog anyway so I'm not going to worry about it!

Friday, June 15, 2007

ice cream

Here's a little ice cream sharing moment. I don't think Juanita realised she was dripping it all over herself. I just enjoyed her sitting in my lap for more than a stolen minute. Look how feminine she sits in the last photo. Tis a lovely thing, fatherhood.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Donington Park FMX

At a heavy metal rock festival I was camera supervisor filming FMX riders pull stunts whilst it was transfered to a big EVS screen for the crowd to see. Enjoyed every minute of it.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


This morning when I woke up I could see Catalina was in her cot and assumed she was sleeping, she was too quiet to be awake. Low and behold when I get up to check on her she's just watching me watching her.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Chicken pox

Today we ventured outside even though Juanita's ill. She enjoyed the walk back, climbing on all the front garden walls.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Brass bands

We returned to Manchester to film more police horses, this time very much in action. Every year over 80 brass bands march up a small village high street to win a prize. It's starts at 2pm, but so does the spectators' drinking. We filmed the horses escorting the bands up the high street several times, including one that was in training called Paddy. He was scared by the band at first, and would bounce his head up and down. But the scary one was called Ben, halfway up the high street he started to circle and face the oncoming band! The street was really crowded with lots of children and old people everywhere, loosing control of a horse has disastrous consequences, so they have to be well trained.

When it started to go dark lots of drunk young guys kept approaching the sound recordist, Bob, and myself asking us what we were doing. I swear we were asked that a hundred times. One pub at the top of the street was heaving with young people outside on the pavement, and crowd control had to be put in place. The Police horses started round slowly pushing the drunk crowd along the street. Then it all kicked off. Somebody punched one horse called Steerforth in the mouth, so he was chased by the foot police and arrested for animal cruelty. But they chased him towards us, and all his friends and other police followed, throwing the guy to the floor. The police were shouting at people to move out the way, and I felt Abby, the producer/director and Bob grab me to move me out of the way of an oncoming horse that nearly ran me down! It was all a bit hairy.

The Police were brilliant though, they really protected us. By the end of the evening we were walking back following the horses up a dark street. But a horse's pace is faster than a man's, and they were soon very far away to hear us. Two kids started to hassle us and threaten to break my camera. It's worth about £40,000. I didn't react at all, it wasn't worth the risk. Abby ran to get the police's attention. For a couple of minutes Bob and I were being more and more isolated, until we heard the reassuring sound of horse hooves. They shouted at the kids and threw them into the bushes, warning them they could be arrested. I filmed the scene in my revenge.