Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dorking at Dusk

Yesterday we went for a walk a couple of hours before the sun set. We hadn't ventured east of where our house is where Glory Woods are, an apparently large woods where my brother-in-law often goes walking with his neighbours. On the way back from our walk I saw a cherry blossom creeping over the fence of our next-door neighbour's garden and had to take a photo of it. I like the silhouette of the roof top in the background and the sun low in the sky. I can't believe I took it with my camera phone!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

MB pic

Early in 2007 whilst I was filming the documentary series on the mounted police branch in Manchester we went out to witness two police officers on horseback leading the Gay Pride March across the city centre. It was a really enjoyable experience, everybody was in high spirits and even the police officers would encourage the crowd to cheer since they were the first people all the waiting crowds would see. Well, they were the second people half the time; I would be running up on ahead so that I could get shots of the horses approaching camera (the position I am in above) so I'd be charging up an empty road full of people waiting for half naked men to be dancing on moving trucks, like a mini 'Carnaval' of Rio de Janiero, and instead they'd see me! And they cheered!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I took this photo of Juanita's friend while I was following him through a toddler's indoor playground, and I've been carrying it on my mobile with pride ever since I took it months ago! I realise he's slightly blurred, but I love the black figure against the explosion of colour.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

How we met

When I met Rosario in the school we worked in together I thought she was gorgeous. Unfortunately it wasn't good timing for me because I'd just come out of a long-term relationship. When we started meeting each other randomly in the school corridors I would feel nervous and excited that such a good looking girl would make the same eyes at me, but because I was still mixed up inside about my previous relationship, being such a purist, I thought I'd just take things nice and slowly and see what happens. But I just appeared to her like I was being hard-to-get, and my apparent disinterest only interested her more.

I couldn't believe she was giving me all the positive signs, being as attractive as she was. We'd go out for coffee regularly, we'd connect on different levels and our relationship developed quite quickly. I was thinking about changing careers and she encouraged me whole-heartedly, giving me an intelligent energy and positivity I wasn't finding anywhere else. Then one day I received loads of texts in one go and was taken back at how confident she was - over the months she was playing all the cards in the flirting game!! One night we somehow ended up in Bar Madrid where after a few drinks and a few more dances she surprisingly decided to leave early. I told her I would accompany her to the main entrance which she was surprised at (or did she just feign surprise?) and then I took her in my arms and kissed her goodnight. I remember the scene quite clearly. There were two bouncers at the nightclub door looking at us, it was a warm summer's night in the middle of London, cars whizzing passed and none of it shaking our stare; mouth open, her eyes staring up at me almost in disbelief. That night determined all others that followed.

But being the indecisive Libran that I am I wanted to play things my way, and was often taken aback by how 'open' she was. I wanted to feel like I was in control of how our 'flirting' was progressing, but she was making all the moves! It was understandable since I was taking so long to make up my mind. However, upset at not feeling in control, I told her I just wanted to be friends and predicted she'd back off a little but be just as keen. Well, she did more than that; she disappeared. No more cheeky texts, no more calls, no more coffees after work. Gone.

That's when I realized I wanted her. After a month of hearing not even a whisper, I called her. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Paso este meme a Uchi, Marie y Entretanto.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll Juanita's favourite song at the moment!! By Ian Dury and The Blockheads. She doesn't quite say the first few words of the title correctly, but I'm certainly not going to correct her!