Friday, June 27, 2008

not so dummy

Scene - We had all just been shopping in Hammersmith and had returned to the van, placing Juanita and Catalina in their respective babyseats in the back of the van. Then Ro notices an unfamiliar item in Catalina's mouth....

Ro: Cata!? Where did you get that dummy from?
Juanita: teeheeteehee
Ro: Juanis, where, did Catalina get her dummy from?
Icaio: Maybe she took it from somewhere... Juanis did you pick it up from the floor?
Juanita: Nooooo.
Ro: Juanis, did you take it from a baby?
Juanita: Yes, Juanis take tete from baby

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Skater at the library

I was walking back home from the station via the short cut that passes round the back of Dorking library and there was a teenager practicing his skateboarding moves infront of it. I took a couple of pictures of him with my new camera. After a few wide shots I just wasn't getting what I wanted, so I stuck the camera on the ground facing upwards of where I knew the skater would pass above me during the middle of his trick. This was the result. Unfortunately it's a little blurred but I don't think it matters - he's moving!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Mounted Branch finally ready to watch

This is the title sequence to the horse series I filmed last year - Animal Planet, airs Tues 10th July 8pm. In the popular tabloid newspaper The Sun (the best selling newspaper in Britain!) there is an article online with another video link teaser of the program. The shot of the two aggressive lads is at a Man United vs Man City match, I remember hearing the horse approach behind me and being shocked at how quickly the policeman arrived! Click here for the link.