Monday, November 26, 2007

Two Friends

Here is one of the short films I shot over in Africa. This one's in Tanzania.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Tanzania was a different experience. In Zambia we had stayed in the same village for nearly two weeks and had intergrated to quite an extent with some amazing people. In Tanania we never stopped travelling, moving from town to town to visit different school girls, teachers and organisers all involved within the charity to some extent or another. We were interviewing selected people as case studies to promote the charity's work, so as to encourage more funding.

Since we never settled anywhere the chance to intergrate wasn't so easy. But the landscapes we saw on our bumpy car journeys were astounding. The earth is red rock, and the vegetation rich green, so the colours contrast sharply. It's a mountainous land (home of Kilimanjaro) and we saw many amazing valleys. There is a high amount of road fatalities because of lorry drivers. They overload often, and prefer to drive at night since there's less traffic. They often drive drunk. There are no street lamps or cats eyes or painted bollards. Anywhere. In Tanzania. I can't recall how many overturned lorries we saw on the road, but there were a lot.

Whilst driving we spotted a lady farming her land, she looked about 60yrs old. She was clearing her huge area of land of dead sugar cane leaves by herself in the heat. We stopped to ask her if we could film her, and she said only if we took a photo of her with her family. Here in the background you can see her husband and three sons who all died in the war against Uganda. That's why she's farming the land on her own.
Occasionally we spotted some Masai warriors. They are a nomadic tribe that still wear their traditional garb. In the capital of Dar es Salaam I saw loads more of them at night. Many just stood next to a car watching everything go by. I was told that it's fashionable to have a Masai bodyguard to look after you or your car whilst you go to a restaurant or a club. How cool would I look if I had one in Camden!?